FAQs on new ACOI Website and Membership System


On 29th May 2019, ACOI launched our new website and membership system. We have put together some commonly asked questions to aid members with accessing and navigating the new site. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I log in to the members' area of the website? 

You will need your username and password to log in. Your username will now be the email address on your ACOI account. Your username previously was your ACOI number, which was in the format ACOIXXXX, but this will no longer be used as part of the new system.  

Navigate to the 'Log in' button on the top right of the ACOI homepage and you will be asked to enter your username and password. 

When logged in, you can view your details by clicking either on the 'My ACOI' button on the top left hand of the page or on your name, which appears on the top right hand of the page between the Log out and Cart links. 


I forgot my password, what do I do? 

If you do not recall your password, simply navigate to the log in page and click 'Forgot password'. You will be emailed a link to reset your password. 

Please note that the password you had for the old ACOI website will no longer be valid and when you log in to the new ACOI website for the first time, you must click 'Forgot password' in order to reset your password and to gain access to the members' area of the website.


Why are my contact email and username email addresses different? 

If you choose to update your contact email address, it is important to note that this does not automatically update your username and your username will continue to be your previous email address.

You can update your username to match your new email address by navigating to the 'Preferences' tab when logged in and at the bottom of that page, click 'Change password and/or username' to update your username. 


How do I make sure I receive ACOI emails?

The new website will allow members to tailor their communications preferences to specify the areas that you would like to receive communications from ACOI on (e.g. education, ICQ, events).

As members as opted out of these areas by default, ACOI recommends that you review your communication preferences by navigating to the 'Preferences' tab when logged in and selecting the communication preferences of relevance to you.

Members will continue to receive emails from us on matters relating to your membership, e.g. membership renewals, AGM information and to invite you to become involved in Association activities.


How can I book an event?

As part of the new system, you must be logged in to the members' area to book an event so your booking is captured on your membership record. This will provide you with a record of events you've booked and reminders of upcoming events when you log in to your account. 

Non-members can register for ACOI events by creating a non-member account.

Group bookings can be accommodated by contacting the ACOI office on 01 7990200.



If you have a question that you can't find the answer to above, please contact the ACOI office at info@acoi.ie