Diploma in Fintech Risk & Compliance


Programme Overview

Compliance is core to the provision of regulated Financial Services and the risk management of those services. The evolution of technologically driven innovation in Financial Services (Fintech) presents new challenges for the contemporary compliance function. Fintech’s focus on the application of innovative technological solutions and enhanced data analytics to deliver an optimal (customised) user experience needs to be balanced by appropriate governance, control, and oversight. 

For Fintech companies – whether they be ‘new’ Fintech companies and/or an ‘incumbent/traditional’ Financial Institution that is providing technologically enabled Financial Services/products - the strategic priority is to balance the foundations of compliance and control with the flexibility to capitalise on technological innovation. 
The ACOI and its education partner, Professional Accountancy Training (PAT) have collaborated to develop a contemporary practitioner focused course that translates the traditional compliance function in the evolving Fintech environment. This course has been designed to address industry-wide challenges by providing professional training in Fintech Risk and Compliance. The programme provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to conduct and manage evolving compliance functions within the Financial Services industry. 

How you will benefit:

On successful completion of the Diploma in Fintech Risk and Compliance, graduates will be able to: 

  • Understand the structure of the International, European, and Irish regulatory environment from a Fintech perspective and identify areas of EU & Irish legislative and regulatory focus;
  • Analyse from an operational perspective the AML/CFT compliance and regulatory reporting risks in a Fintech operating environment;
  • Assess the compliance risks associated with data protection and the ethical use of personal data in a Fintech data driven operating model;
  • Identify the contemporary compliance risks in the safeguarding arrangements of payment and electronic money institutions;
  • Evaluate the regulatory focus upon compliance risks related to outsourcing of critical services by financial service providers;
  • Demonstrate an awareness of fitness, probity, conduct, and authorisation risks in an evolving Fintech environment;
  • Identify the compliance risks related to regulated and non-regulated crypto-currencies and crypto-assets services;
  • Examine the compliance, and ethical, risks of an increasingly data - driven Fintech product development cycle; and
  • Contextualise the importance of a compliance culture in the provision of financial services in the Fintech ecosystem. 
Taking up an ACOI Designation:


The course is approved by ACOI and participants will receive a Diploma in Fintech Risk and Compliance on successfully passing the continuous assessments and final exam.

Education Partner:

The Diploma in Fintech Risk & Compliance is delivered by Professional Accountancy Training (PAT)


The fee for this programme is €1,900. There are IFS Skillnet funding options available, for more information click here.

This programme qualifies for Springboard+ funding. For more details, click here.


How to Apply

  1. You will need to be a current member of ACOI to register for this programme.
  2. Register for this programme through our Education Partner, PAT.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the Diploma in Fintech Risk & Compliance, or any of our education programmes:


Contact: Ciara on [email protected]