MA in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility)

The MA in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility), a level 9 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications is offered jointly by Dublin City University and Mater Dei Institute of Education in partnership with the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland. The programme is part of a professional development framework for ACOI members and for individuals within the wider business community who wish to develop their leadership skills for Business Ethics & Corporate Responsibility roles within organisations.
The programme is designed to emphasise ethical awareness, critical reasoning skills, and core principles of ethical behaviour in order to provide participants with the tools to address and resolve complex, critical and at times, conflicting interests and opportunities. It specifically expands on the theoretical perspective of business ethics as well as its practical management tools. It will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to assess the role of ethics in relationship to corporate social responsibility, managerial decision-making, executive leadership, and corporate governance through diverse perspectives.
The programme is offered on a part-time basis over two years, comprising of six taught modules (Introduction to Ethics, Readings in Ethics, Human Rights & Social Justice, Business Ethics, Finance and Corporate Governance, Implementing an Effective Ethics Culture) and a minor thesis from within the perspective of the discipline of ethics. No philosophy or ethics background is required to apply for this course. After graduation, graduates can join the MA in Ethics Alumni and be part of a network of expertise and support in the field of ethics.
How you will benefit
On successful completion of the MA in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility), graduates will be able to:
  • Design and manage the ethical, social and governance aspects of business decision-making and operation;
  • Apply business ethics concepts and frameworks to the responsible management of organisations;
  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of a broad range of business ethics concepts and theories including corporate responsibility, corporate governance and stakeholder accountability;
  • Utilise a range of business ethics theories and practical tools to address ethics issues in business organisations; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a broad range of ethical theories and principles that are at the forefront of general and applied ethics.
The MA in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility) is accredited and awarded by DCU. Students who leave the programme on successful completion of the first six modules are eligible for the exit award Graduate Diploma in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility) from DCU. A Graduate Certificate in Ethics can also be achieved after successfully completing 30 credits of taught modules.


Members who complete the MA in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility) are invited to apply to become Fellows of the Compliance Association in Ireland (FCOI). Continued use of the FCOI designation is subject to meeting ACOI’s CPD requirements. FCOI is the highest-level designation the ACOI offers its members.


“Throughout my professional life the issue of ethics has always interested me. Being aware of ethical dimensions in addition to financial and other considerations can result in a better decision, though I always feel that the ethic has to be right. I am a second year student on the MA in Ethics/Corporate Responsibility. The programme has exceeded my expectations because the approach adopted is one of co-constructed learning. The lecturers present principles and concepts in an engaging and interactive manner. Students are all professionals that relate the material to their own professional practices. The use of guest speakers provides insights into real-life situations — but then, ethics is about real-life!. And anyway, as a customer, consumer and person, I am most definitely interested in the ethics side.’– Ed McDonald, formerly Chief Executive of the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) and Chief Executive of The Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII).”
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