Our latest COVID-19 and the Workplace Member's Survey found that 80% of organisations here are predicting widespread reluctance from their employees, with public health concerns lingering, as well as a new-found contentment among workers from being at home. 

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Michael Kavanagh, ACOI CEO, said: “In an overwhelmingly strong statement from our member survey, as many as eight in 10 believe the transition back to the office may not be as seamless as one would think. While the reasons behind this are varied, it’s clear that there will have to be a departure in part from the more traditional workplace model.

Working from home has proved a great success in many organisations and a firm favourite amongst many employees – providing them with additional flexibility and perhaps a better work-life balance, which they may now be hesitant to give up.

Just 20% of respondents felt that employees would be keen to return to the pre-Covid way of working."