The results of the latest ACOI members’ survey; “COVID-19 and the Workplace” received widespread press coverage throughout June 2021.

ACOI, CEO Michael Kavanagh also spoke to C103 and KFM about the survey results and they were also discussed on Q102.

  • - To listen to Michael’s KFM interview, click here. (from 10:00)
  • - To listen to Michael’s C103 interview, click here.

Among the many findings of this survey, it found:

  • - 80% of organisations are predicting widespread reluctance from their employees on returning to the workplace and that only 4% supported a full return to the office, with 81% forecasting that a hybrid model of working will replace the traditional office-based 9am-5:30pm. To read more, click here.
  • - 90% of Irish businesses have called for guidance on the collection of employee vaccination data and that 94% of organisations do not have a vaccination strategy in place as the country’s vaccine rollout continues and restrictions begin to lift. To read more, click here.
  • - 89% of respondents said the risk of cyber-attacks is becoming a growing concern. To read more, click here.