WATCH: Compliance – Understanding the Regulatory Landscape      


24 August 2021

The ACOI and its education partner, IOB, recently held a webinar to help attendees understand the regulatory landscape and issues compliance professionals are currently experiencing along with providing them with relevant information on the Professional Diploma in Compliance. Speakers at the webinar included, Dr. David O’Dwyer, Compliance Director at Citi, Evelyn Cregan, Director of Compliance and Governance Education, IOB, and ACOI CEO, Michael Kavanagh.

The Professional Certificate and Diploma in Compliance programme is a level 7 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications, offered by ACOI's education provider IOB and awarded by UCD. The programme is designed for those who work or aspire to work in a professional capacity within a compliance function in financial services. Both the professional certificate and diploma are designed to enhance skills, judgement and ability to deal with practical issues in the management and practice of compliance in the financial services industry. 
The Professional Certificate in Compliance (PDC 1 - Compliance and the Regulatory Structure and PDC 2 - Conduct of Business Rules) introduces you to the theory of regulation and to its application to the financial services. 

The Professional Diploma in Compliance (PDC 1- PDC 2 and PDC 3 - Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Compliance and PDC 4 - Compliance Management) is the benchmark qualification for compliance professionals in all sectors of the financial services industry. 

These programmes are delivered online through webinars. All modules are available 3 times a year with exams in January, May and September.


For more information, see Professional Certificate & Diploma in Compliance


Thank you to everyone that was able to join us and if you were unable to make the webinar you can view it below.