IFCA International Compliance Congress 2021

IFCA International Annual Congress (ICC)

The IFCA conference will take place from 4th – 8th October.

October will see the International Federation of Compliance Associations (IFCA) host its second International Congress. This year, we are delighted to be represented by 12 ACOI members speaking at the IFCA-ICC. This year’s themes are The Compliance Stratosphere, Unpacking our regulatory and compliance landscape, The risk landscape and the role of compliance, Compliance in market sectors and Our future focus. The IFCA-ICC will run from Monday, 4th October to Friday, 8th of October 2021. Please see more information on the individual sessions below.

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Day 1 - 4th October: The Compliance Stratosphere

Live session 1-1: Open plenary

Live session 1-2: Is Compliance enough? Or do we need something else? Do we also need Ethics?

Live session 1-3: The relevance of behaviour. How to persuade, motivate, role modelling people within any organization?

Live session 1-4: The business component. It is all about business. How Compliance contributes to business objectives?

Live session 1-5: The tone from the top


Day 2 - 5th October: Unpacking our regulatory and compliance landscape

Live session 2-1: Antibribery and Anticorruption

Live session 2-2: Whistleblowing

Live session 2-3: Fintech & regulatory compliance

Live session 2-4: GTC (sanctions, Restricted Parties Screening, Sensitive Military, Anti-boycotting)

Live session 2-5: Conflicts of Interests

Live session 2-6: Compliance measurements – KPIs for measuring effective compliance programmes


Day 3 - 6th October: The risk landscape and the role of compliance

Live session 3-1: Technology (data analytics, big data) and Remote compliance control technologies

Live session 3-2: Cyber risks & security

Live session 3-3: Risk Assessment and understanding the risk landscape

Live session 3-4: Integrating our Ethics and Enterprise Risk Management programme : a WIN WIN WIN


Day 4 - 7th October: Compliance in market sectors - case studies and sharing practices

Live session 4-1: Case Study - Data Protection

Live session 4-2: Case Study - Reputational Risk in a digital driven world

Live session 4-3: Case Study - Pharma

Live session 4-4: Case Study - Financial services

Live session 4-5: Case Study - AI & Technology


Day 5 - 8th October: Our future focus

Live session 5-1: Post Covid Challenges

Live session 5-2: ESG

Live session 5-3: New standard ISO 37301

Live session 5-4: The future Compliance Officer

Live session 5-5: Closing - A futurist

Live session 5-6: Closing remarks

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10/4/2021 10:00 AM - 10/8/2021 2:00 PM
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